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Where did the name come from?

Diversity... Now: The multiplicity of change. The songs have changed... just as life changes. Real life is diversity.. Real life is a variety of changes that occur! 'Life is a mystery, constant changing, all in a moments time... rearranging' from the song "Diversity".

How did the project come together?

There were things about my album Diversity that just didn't sit well with me; things I had been questioning. So, I decided to re-do some songs, add to some songs, give it a new cover and give it a different flow by changing the order of the songs. I really like the flow of Diversity... Now. It is more who I am... now.

How do you approach a song when composing/writing it?

Songs usually just come to me. I could be driving, in the bath, sitting in a coffee shop... They just come! I write them down and either I complete the song with music or I give it to TB to write the music. There are some songs that are just my own and there are some that need the Blackman's touch. :-)

How did you decide which songs were right for this album?

When I first started working on Diversity, I had a whole book of songs picked for the album. But as I started working on them, others came and took their place. They were the message that needed to be heard by those working on the album and for those who were going to listen .

What is important to hear in the music overall?

It is important for people to hear what THEY are supposed to hear through the message in the songs. I believe all the songs on the album are Spirit led and those who listen will find the meaning they are to hear.

What are your goals for this album/music?

My goal for this album is to spread the message given to me to share. I want to share it with the WORLD and so I will sing off of any and every stage I have the opportunity to.

Do you have a band or do you plan to tour?

I don't have a band at present. I have worked with a band before and, well, that is a whole other set of issues. I prefer working as a duo but if a band comes together for a specific purpose, I will be totally open to it. I do want to tour, so if the 'right people' are in my life at the time and want to tour... I will be fluttering my wings across the world.

What do you mean by "inspirational artist"?

"I am a song of joy touching and healing the heart"

This is my purpose in life and I will keep doing what it takes to fulfill my purpose. I am sharing the Inspiration given to me by Spirit.

'Open your soul, to the life it brings. You are chosen for this time. So listen very carefully,' from the song "Open your Soul"


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