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Gypsy Butterfly is a free spirited, inspirational soul from the Okanagan, in the heart of British Columbia, Canada. The folk-rock singer/songwriter and fitness enthusiast has a sound that rings true to the heart, bringing a message of light, love and healing.

Her album, Diversity, is just that. The musical styles range from soft rock and easy listening, to modern folk, intertwined with flavours of pop and inspirational roots. She sings with an angelic voice direct from her passionate heart, to the ear of anyone who has seen pain, struggle and even tragedy. Her desire is to inspire true healing within and to help you discover your real passion in life - the 'real you' - and have the courage to go out and get it. Her motto is to "just be yourself".

Carly sings from experience. Personal growth has been a lifetime staple on Gypsy Butterfly's path. Her words seek to awaken your mind, challenge your thoughts and illuminate the dark corners within. Songs like My Child, Wind Whispers, and Open Your Soul will speak to your heart, while others like Mask and Mistake are lessons to learn. Her signature song, Friends Forever is an ongoing crowd favourite that will inspire, captivate and induce emotions that most of us keep dormant. Gypsy Butterfly's music will most certainly move you.

Her beauty is both outward and within, her voice is gentle but confident, and her message is none other than love.

"We discovered the truth in us - we were set free to fly. Spread our wings as eagles and soar to the sky..." from the song Friends Forever.

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