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Samples & Notes

Below you'll find samples. We've included the notes or stories associated with each song - you get a taste of "behind the scenes", deeper into the creative mind, and more.

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# Song Title Sample
1 Diversity Play
  Here's the story; I was just tired of living fairytales and lies, so Diversity was created out of the desire for reality.
2 Mask Play
  Afraid of not being accepted, we ALL put on masks once in a while -but it's important to let the world see who you really are.
3 Real Me (feat. TB) Play
  Real Me was a song I first wrote in 1999. I wanted to redo this song, so I gave it to TB to give it a 'new flavour' - which he did. It's a message for everyone to know that you're good enough just being you.
4 Take Me Away Play
  Take Me Away was the desire of my heart to know that kind of love. It's a song I wrote before I discovered that love. It's now a reality in my life.
5 Wind Whispers Play
  This is a spiritual song that speaks of our connection to the spirit that is all around us - learning to listen to the wind, so to speak.
6 My Child Play
  There is a place you can run to... To the Father's arms.
7 Open Your Soul Play
  Open Your Soul is about vision; about discovery. It's about quieting yourself and listening to life's direction.
8 Deciding Moment Play
  This one speaks for itself. It's a fun song about living with the choices you make, and the circumstances that result.
9 Mistake (Soul Fire Mix) Play
  We all make mistakes! But, we can rise above them and move on.
10 Friends Forever Play
  Friends Forever is written for all my friends, past, present and future. We need each other to grow. Sometimes, that growth is painful, but you can walk through it to healing, hand in hand, with your friends.
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