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There's something to be said about artists that are 'real'; people that sing from their soul, honestly, passionately and meaningfully. Carly has a sweetness about her that shines through in her gentle demeanor and flowing music.


The music on this album has a message I couldn't hide from... Her lyrics carry truth and everyone I play it for loves it.
-- R. Gordon


Here's an eclectic assortment of songs from a very talented singer, Carly Thomas, flitting from light rock ('Mistake'), to folk, to pop ('Real Me' with Trance Blackman), to modern ('Open Your Soul'). This butterfly delights us with colourful tunes of inspiration, uplifting melodies, and thought-provoking lyrics. Although diverse, these tunes fit well together, each supporting the others, yet able to stand on its own and proclaim its message as the singer "awakens your mind, challenges your thoughts, and illuminates the dark corners within".

-- Michael Woodhead, Synchronicity: The Magazine - Oct/Nov 2004


Carly's music has been a perfect fit for the cool down and stretch portion of my exercise class. I have used it to help the participants relax and focus as well as to uplift and inspire them before they step out into their everyday world.

-- Carolee Finch


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